Dialectic Between Islamic Law And Adat Law In The Nusantara

Terengganu is a place located on the East Coast of the Malay
Peninsula facing the South China Sea, on the border of Pahang and
Kelantan. During monsoon season (November-January), Terengganu
is faced with a deluge of rain and wind from the Northeast.
Fourteen rivers flow across Terengganu, feeding into the South
China Sea (Talib, 1984: 1). Its capital, Kuala Terengganu, was
mentioned by Ptolomeus in his map of the Malay Peninsula in 2nd
Century Alexandria (Sheppard, 1949:1).
The recorded history of Terengganu begins with the semi-autonomous
feudal family living in Terengganu: the Talani and Telanai
families According to R.J. Wilkinson, they were the reportedly the
first people in Terengganu, perhaps living prior to the reign of the
kings of Syailendra in 750 CE. The Telanai family claimed to be the
descendants of the King in Palembang, Demang Lebar Daun
(Wilkinson: 1935:1).